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Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

This has been a long time in the works and I’m super excited to finally announce that from now on, I’ll be shooting all of my weddings as part of a rad collective of wedding photographers called Birds of a Feather!!! We’re all based in Southern California, with Jen and Rebecca in LA, Sarah in Palm Springs, and me in San Diego, but we travel all over for weddings (Sarah and Jen just got back from Tulum, Mexico!).  My wedding portfolio is now housed on the Birds website (no longer at www.schmitzweddingphotography or www.jacquelinecampbellweddings.com) and it looks great (sneak peek below). Check it out here. While you’re there, be sure to take a look at all of Jen, Rebecca, and Sarah’s stunning photos too!

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 4.25.47 PM

It’s been so great to get together to plan, to dream up ideas we have for our business, and get to know these awesome girls better. Naturally, we photographed a couple of our get-togethers, which tend to revolve around amazing food, so if you’re curious, check out one on Sarah’s great blog A House in the Hills here and another that appeared on Glitter Guide here.

As you may have noticed (since you’re here), the blog URL has moved. I hadn’t planned on it, but it turned out that shifting the back-end hosting was something that needed to be done. So, after way too many hours in front of the computer trying to figure out .xml files, shifting databases, posts, and images from the last two years of blogging to a new place, and occasionally banging my head against the wall while Andrew and Blue gave me funny looks, you’ll now find my blog at blog.jacquelinecampbellphotography.com. I’m so happy I pulled it off!

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 5.09.46 PM

While I’ll be shooting weddings solely as part of Birds of  Feather now, I’ll continue to shoot travel, lifestyle, portrait, and other work via www.jacquelinecampbellphotography.com. To go along with all of the recent changes around here, I’ve also updated my travel and lifestyle portfolio and redesigned www.jacquelinecampbellphotography.com into a much cleaner, easier to use format (sneak peeks below). Take a look here! I hope you like the new look as much as I do!

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 4.28.44 PM




Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 4.29.06 PM


Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Back in January of 2012 I posted this fun shot of a greyhound at dog beach in San Diego because it was so joyful and odd-looking. Remember that? Back then I didn’t live in San Diego and was one of those dog-less people who lurk at dog beach, enjoying the fun from the fringes. Well, so funny how things turn out – here we are in our new house in on the west coast, with our very own greyhound!


After a couple months of paperwork and a home visit, but mostly waiting for dogs that might be a good fit to be ready for adoption, we first got to meet him at the Greyhound Adoption Center in early December. Previously named Bobby, the people at the center explained to us that he did only have half of his tail, but was otherwise A-okay. He was so friendly and playful and we loved him immediately, to the point that we didn’t really want to meet any more dogs.  So we brought him home just before Christmas and it’s been oh so much fun every since. Blue was a racing dog his whole life, so introducing him to all the joys of the “real world” (windows, riding in cars, non-greyhound dogs, stairs, wooden floors, squeaky toys, etc.) has been entertaining, sometimes challenging and mostly comical.

I think my favorite part is how Andrew, who’s never had a dog in his life, and Blue have become instant buddies. I also really like that Blue’s always wearing a tuxedo, kind of like James Bond, with the way his white patches run down his chest and parts of his feet. We’re learning more about him every day, picking out things like which ear position means ‘curious’ or ‘surprised’ or ‘nervous,’ and he seems to be settling into the life of 45-mile and hour couch potato just fine. The other day we took him on his first jaunt to dog beach and I think he liked it…


Not the best photo, but these are the surprised ears!



Now, those are two handsome boys. Lucky me!






Love this one of Andrew.



Blue making new friends…check out that overbite!


PS – I’m trying out this new single-column format on the blog for verticals. I think you can see a lot of more of each image that way, so I’m going to go with it for a bit. What do you think?

xx J


Friday, November 9th, 2012

Last week, Andrew and I had a great couple days of boat racing and meeting lots of new people at the Bitter End Yacht Club Pro-Am in the British Virgin Islands. To me, there’s nothing quite like being off the grid in a beautiful, wild place. It also felt a little bizarre being in the islands while a hurricane rolled up the eastern seaboard.

Coming back to fall in San Diego last Saturday, we were happy to hear that all of our loved ones made it through Hurricane Sandy okay. As it’s gotten chillier throughout the week here, I keep thinking back to this image I shot on the ferry to Virgin Gorda. Something about it just takes me back to that untamed, leisurely place.



Have a wonderful weekend! xx


Saturday, June 9th, 2012




I’m about as excited as Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. We are moving! We are moving! To San Diego!!!

I hope you’ll forgive me for my sporadic blog posts lately…as some of you may know, Andrew and I have been planning on a move out to California this August or September, once we found a place. We’d been working with a great realtor for several months when we made a trip out to look at our favorites in San Diego during the first week in June. We looked at ten different places in some great neighborhoods including Little Italy, East Village, Hillcrest, and North Park and at the last viewing of the day, fell in love with an awesome house in North Park.

It all went down very quickly and we’re now officially moved out of our place in DC, we’ve closed on the house, and we’re headed west. Today we’ll hit the road for the big drive, with Andrew’s star boat in tow. Here’s our route (we’re keeping our fingers crossed we won’t straight up melt driving across the South):


Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 6.06.50 PM


If you’re wondering where this leaves us business-wise, I’ll be headed back to the East Coast for a couple more wedding shoots and I’m excited to get involved in the West Coast wedding, lifestyle, and travel photography scene. I’m already looking forward to shooting Jessie and Cullen’s San Diego wedding this September! As always, I’m open to traveling anywhere in the world for wedding shoots, sailing, you name it, so I’ll keep popping up in random places. Andrew will continue to do his pro-sailing thing, with regattas across the US and a Farr40 World Championship coming up in Chicago later this summer.

I’m so excited to celebrate the rest of our second year of marriage (and our eighth year together!) exploring the west coast from our very own house. Most of all, I feel incredibly lucky to have found the spot we did, I think it suits us well (pictures to come at some point). Here’s to a new adventure (and come visit)! xx J



Friday, June 8th, 2012

When I was growing up, my family and I would head over to Germany once or twice a year to see our relatives. It just so happened that one of the best times was in the winter, over New Years, so we’d often end up meeting in to Switzerland to hang out with relatives and good family friends and go skiing. We’d all descend upon in a little town in the Alps called Leukerbad, nothing fancy, just a quaint spot surrounded by snowy mountains and glaciers.

This past March, Andrew and I found that we had a little spot on our calendars open where we could go and meet up with my parents, who were already over there, so we went for it and invited some friends along…


We flew into Geneva early in the morning, picked up some coffee and a slice of quiche, and hopped on a train that runs along Lake Geneva into, then into the valleys alongside the Alps.


A little over two hours later, we jumped off in Leuk, just down the valley from Leukerbad, where we met up with my parents and Charlie the dachshund. At the very end of this valley, you can see the top of Italy.


That day and the next, we went for a walk along the wind-ey road to Leukerbad to check out a little town named Albinen. It has some amazing old-style homes and inns, rustic wooden cattle sheds, and a serious love for decorative gnomes.



The Swiss are known to be a neat, orderly people and they definitely show it in their firewood stacks.


We stopped for various forms of caffeine and to take in the backyard view at one of my parents’ favorite little cafés.




Then, when we’d collected a few of our buddies from the train, we headed back to Leukerbad, which is surrounded by the most stunning mountains, and went for a dip in the town’s well-known hot springs.

One of the coolest things about Leukerbad is how the mountains change with the light. I loved taking it all in and remembering familiar sights and smells from our balcony overlooking the town.

Keep and eye out for Switzerland, Part 2 next week. Have a great weekend! xx J


Monday, March 26th, 2012

South Beach in Miami can be many things: swanky, gritty, in-your-face outrageous, lighthearted, and dark in different turns. Earlier this month I was in Miami to race a Farr40 regatta and we had two days of such serious breeze that we couldn’t sail. As I found out, two days of 25+ knots of wind and 8 foot waves make for an interesting scene on South Beach.

Even with college spring break in full swing, the sand-blasting beach, pounding waves, and menacing skies seemed to keep vacationers inside during the day. Just like in Mediterranean or Californian towns, where the colors of the buildings, the land, and the plants look amazing in sunlight, darker weather can alter the mood of the whole place, bringing out a quieter, cloudier, less glamorous, and more personal side. Here’s a little look into the lesser-seen side of South Beach in the spring…














Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

If you’ve ever written a paper, tried to start a drawing, or looked for the right images or words with which to start something creative, you know that it can be the hardest part of the process. The beginning. As an artist, I began painting and drawing…oil paintings, mostly, and charcoal drawings. I started early and kept at it all the way through high school and college, learning a ton from several great teachers. At one point during my time as an undergrad at Georgetown, I was taking three upper-level economics classes (I was an International Econ major yikes!) and more each semester to get it all done and the painting and drawing classes and daily sailing practice are honestly what kept me sane.

In the studio, I loved the way that translating what you’re seeing in front of you onto paper, while still capturing the feel of the scene, required my full physical and mental attention. It left me no room for overthinking things and that was priceless. At one point, my college painting professor gave us a vague assignment to paint a grouping of multiple items of something, anything. I thought about it and came to the next class with a selection of my favorite shoes. He probably thought I was nuts. It was a subject with so much variety in texture and detail, but what girl doesn’t like shoes? Each one in the painting was meaningful to me in some way, reminding me of a certain time in my life or a particular person. Here’s how it turned out…


It hangs over my desk now, where I do all of my photo editing, and adds a pop of color to the room. Towards the end of college, I began shooting with my first DSLR and fell in love with photography for the same reasons that I came to enjoy painting and drawing so much. Now that I’m a  professional photographer, I don’t get to spend all of my time shooting in the field. I have to run a business too, which involves all kinds of time in front of the computer, emailing with clients, editing, keeping records, printing, updating portfolios, blogging, marketing, branding, etc, etc. Sometimes a little visual inspiration is all I need to keep me going through all of the on-screen work. It can come from any number of places, but one thing I love in particular is checking out art museums and spaces and seeing all of the fun things others have come up with. Seeing artwork in person reminds me of the physical process and interaction of it that I love, which in this era of digital photo editing and post-production, has changed quite a bit. It reminds me that I want to go back to painting and drawing and doing crafty things with my hands on the side.

Back in December, when Andrew, Ian, and I visited the Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia, it struck me as a lively, wonderful hub for local artists and creatives. Housed in an old colonial gothic building, not only did it have beautiful modern exhibit spaces and an outdoor concert venue, but it also had a lovely cafe, a well-curated, artsy gift shop, and, best of all, practical, well-used studios, for jewelry-making, painting, drawing, and almost any other art you can think of. I really enjoyed lurking in the doorways of the a couple of the workshop spaces for a few minutes, just listening in and watching people at work. The fact that the building has been used as a home for many things, including a lunatic asylum, a shelter for homeless women, a midwifery school, a technical school, a headquarters for American troops during World War II, and a maritime museum, only adds to its charm. Have a look and I’m sure you’ll be inspired too…


You walk into the reception and see bam! the coolest desk ever.



From the modern to the mundane to the quirky, the arts centre curators have a great eye for lovely odds and ends of art.




I snuck up on a room full of ladies doing their thing in the jewelry workshop above the exhibit spaces. Their chatter and obvious camaraderie made we want to pop in and join them even though I know nothing of jewelry making.





Hope you’re feeling a little inspired too. If you ever find yourself in that far-flung part of the world, definitely check out the Fremantle Arts Centre!


Friday, February 24th, 2012

It’s Friday again and here in DC we’ve gone from temps in the lovely 60’s, to a (February!) thunder and rainstorm, to 35 degree weather all in one day! Phew. This weird weather calls for just one thing…a weird and eager little emu from the zoo and a quote to go along with him.

Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. – Leo Barnett


And birds! Have a great weekend. xx J


Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Last weekend my hubby Andrew and I decided to take advantage of the awesome weather, hopped on our bikes, and popped downtown to the Hirshhorm Gallery and Sculpture Garden. Lots of people had the same idea and were all over the National Mall, playing pickup soccer, riding the carousel, having picnics, and soaking up some rays. The winter light was gorgeous and created beautiful shadows, inspiring me to make some images with the Leica.



The interserting architecture of the doughnut-shaped building, the futuristic installations, and modern take on art all make the Hirshhorn a fun gallery to explore.





Even the exit signs had to be different…




Thursday, January 12th, 2012

It’s time for another photo essay from Australia. This one features some of my favorite spots in “Freo.” In a way, Fremantle is hard to describe – you’ll see barefoot hippie types, hipsters, tourists, city folk, colonial era buildings, some modern architecture, and restaurants, coffee shops, and stores of every stripe all in one walk. Here’s a little look into this versatile beach town…



I’ve never seen so much car antenna art before. I came across this one shaped like a heart (below left) and saw another made to look like the continent of Australia – pretty impressive!



At some point, I came across the B&M Store (below), a well-curated design shop that I immediately loved. I was excited to discover that they even carry paper goods and designs by Rifle Paper Co, one of my favorites, which were beautiful to see in person.



The Fremantle Markets, located just at the end of the “cappucino strip” of cafes on the main street, are slightly touristy, but offer up some unique and tasty finds.





Bigger than a softball, one of these ostrich eggs would make a heck of an omelette.


I’ll close with this numbat mural. Found only in Western Australia, this little banded anteater looks almost like it has zebra stripes and quickly became my favorite local creature.


I’m excited to be heading to Key West Race Week today to sail with Powerplay Racing. That likely means no blog posts next week, but there’s more to come from Australia (so I hope you’re not sick of it yet!).