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Thursday, December 11th, 2014




hi friends. it’s been a long time since i’ve written a personal post here. there’ve been many things up in the air and i’m so glad to finally know where we’ll be living for the next 2+ years…

a few months ago, my hubby andrew signed on with a new team and we’re super excited! this new team will be defending the america’s cup in june of 2017 and we just found out last week that it’s going to be in bermuda. we’ll need to move there as early as spring of this year!!

having this new piece of our puzzle, i had to think hard about how to move forward with my photography business. i love being part of birds of a feather, but because i’m going to be living so far away and it’s a california-focused collective, it probably doesn’t make sense for me to stay on. i’ll miss our meetings/meals/chatfests, shooting and planning things together, having my images appear alongside their amazing work, and taking on the wedding world together. while i’m a little sad to leave, i feel really fortunate to have built something great together and to have had the chance to meet a ton of amazing creatives in southern calfornia over the last couple of years.

and now i’m excited to take all of that experience and goodness and put it into a new adventure. from here on out, and in bermuda when we get there, i’ll continue to shoot in the same vein i always have, the main difference being that all of my work and info is now housed in a new place (go see!). i’ll be coming back to california and the east coast for several shoots in 2015 and can’t wait to book more weddings and shoots all over the place, especially since bermuda’s only a short flight from places like new york, boston, DC, charleston, miami, and even london. you may be surprised to know that it’s not in the caribbean… it’s actually all by itself in the atlantic, off the coast of south carolina and georgia.

our next step is figuring out where exactly in bermuda we’ll be living. i really have no idea since i’ve never been there (!), but i’m sure we’ll figure it out. i’m super happy for andrew and mostly just excited to take this on together, along with homer (the hound), who’ll be coming with us!



Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

My hubby Andrew writes for sailing magazine Sailing World once in a while and I just came across the April 2012 issue with his latest contribution. This month’s “From the Experts” article by Andrew is focused on the tactics of crossing situations in sailboat racing and isn’t just any article since a little portrait of him that I shot got published along with it! Here’s a look at the cover and the article itself:


My photo, taken on the water while Andrew was coaching youth sailors in Long Beach, California:


Great work AC! To read the full article or learn more, head on over to the Sailing World Magazine website or to Andrew’s blog.


Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Happy 2012! It’s been wonderful to be back home in DC for a couple of days and I’ve finally had a chance to hit the iMac for some serious editing. I’ve got a great set of posts coming about various experiences in Australia and I’m going to start with my marketing shoot with Magic Marine. After lots of emailing back and forth with Carrie, the Amsterdam-based company’s marketing manager, about the shot list, the schedule, and the locations, it was awesome to work together in person with some of their sponsored athletes (or ‘teamriders’ as MM calls them) in Fremantle and Perth for the ISAF Worlds Championships in December.

Our shoot took place a few days before the regatta started, so the athletes were at peak fitness and had been training and testing gear for months. Carrie had lugged the newest line of Magic Marine apparel and gear from Europe in several giant bags, the multimedia/video guy, Bob of Eyeforce Video Production, had flown in from Holland, the sun was out, and the sailors were ready. My job was to cover a variety of different gear and athletes, all of which was shot at the same time video was shooting too. My shot list included action shots of the athletes training and racing in their gear on the water, headshots of selected athletes (serious, strongly side-lit, in black and white), product shots as possible around video, behind-the-scenes snapshots, etc). Without further ado, here’s an informal look into the shoot.

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_01

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_04

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_05

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_10

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_12

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_22

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_27

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_25

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_28

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_32

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_42

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_36

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_40

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_46

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_47

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_57

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_60

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_62

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_64

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_65

I’m really excited to see how Magic Marine‘s new video and marketing materials turn out over the next few weeks and months. Thanks to Carrie and Bob and all of the teamriders for making it a great shoot!


Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Today Andrew and I are headed to the land of cheese and brats (also known as Wisconsin) to race in the Blue Chip Regatta at the Pewaukee Yacht Club. It’s going to be chilly, but it’ll be a blast racing e-scows with some really talented sailors who have lots of experience in the class. And we’re off…