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Back in January of 2012 I posted this fun shot of a greyhound at dog beach in San Diego because it was so joyful and odd-looking. Remember that? Back then I didn’t live in San Diego and was one of those dog-less people who lurk at dog beach, enjoying the fun from the fringes. Well, so funny how things turn out – here we are in our new house in on the west coast, with our very own greyhound!


After a couple months of paperwork and a home visit, but mostly waiting for dogs that might be a good fit to be ready for adoption, we first got to meet him at the Greyhound Adoption Center in early December. Previously named Bobby, the people at the center explained to us that he did only have half of his tail, but was otherwise A-okay. He was so friendly and playful and we loved him immediately, to the point that we didn’t really want to meet any more dogs.  So we brought him home just before Christmas and it’s been oh so much fun every since. Blue was a racing dog his whole life, so introducing him to all the joys of the “real world” (windows, riding in cars, non-greyhound dogs, stairs, wooden floors, squeaky toys, etc.) has been entertaining, sometimes challenging and mostly comical.

I think my favorite part is how Andrew, who’s never had a dog in his life, and Blue have become instant buddies. I also really like that Blue’s always wearing a tuxedo, kind of like James Bond, with the way his white patches run down his chest and parts of his feet. We’re learning more about him every day, picking out things like which ear position means ‘curious’ or ‘surprised’ or ‘nervous,’ and he seems to be settling into the life of 45-mile and hour couch potato just fine. The other day we took him on his first jaunt to dog beach and I think he liked it…


Not the best photo, but these are the surprised ears!



Now, those are two handsome boys. Lucky me!






Love this one of Andrew.



Blue making new friends…check out that overbite!


PS – I’m trying out this new single-column format on the blog for verticals. I think you can see a lot of more of each image that way, so I’m going to go with it for a bit. What do you think?

xx J

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