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I’m about as excited as Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. We are moving! We are moving! To San Diego!!!

I hope you’ll forgive me for my sporadic blog posts lately…as some of you may know, Andrew and I have been planning on a move out to California this August or September, once we found a place. We’d been working with a great realtor for several months when we made a trip out to look at our favorites in San Diego during the first week in June. We looked at ten different places in some great neighborhoods including Little Italy, East Village, Hillcrest, and North Park and at the last viewing of the day, fell in love with an awesome house in North Park.

It all went down very quickly and we’re now officially moved out of our place in DC, we’ve closed on the house, and we’re headed west. Today we’ll hit the road for the big drive, with Andrew’s star boat in tow. Here’s our route (we’re keeping our fingers crossed we won’t straight up melt driving across the South):


Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 6.06.50 PM


If you’re wondering where this leaves us business-wise, I’ll be headed back to the East Coast for a couple more wedding shoots and I’m excited to get involved in the West Coast wedding, lifestyle, and travel photography scene. I’m already looking forward to shooting Jessie and Cullen’s San Diego wedding this September! As always, I’m open to traveling anywhere in the world for wedding shoots, sailing, you name it, so I’ll keep popping up in random places. Andrew will continue to do his pro-sailing thing, with regattas across the US and a Farr40 World Championship coming up in Chicago later this summer.

I’m so excited to celebrate the rest of our second year of marriage (and our eighth year together!) exploring the west coast from our very own house. Most of all, I feel incredibly lucky to have found the spot we did, I think it suits us well (pictures to come at some point). Here’s to a new adventure (and come visit)! xx J


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