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When I was growing up, my family and I would head over to Germany once or twice a year to see our relatives. It just so happened that one of the best times was in the winter, over New Years, so we’d often end up meeting in to Switzerland to hang out with relatives and good family friends and go skiing. We’d all descend upon in a little town in the Alps called Leukerbad, nothing fancy, just a quaint spot surrounded by snowy mountains and glaciers.

This past March, Andrew and I found that we had a little spot on our calendars open where we could go and meet up with my parents, who were already over there, so we went for it and invited some friends along…


We flew into Geneva early in the morning, picked up some coffee and a slice of quiche, and hopped on a train that runs along Lake Geneva into, then into the valleys alongside the Alps.


A little over two hours later, we jumped off in Leuk, just down the valley from Leukerbad, where we met up with my parents and Charlie the dachshund. At the very end of this valley, you can see the top of Italy.


That day and the next, we went for a walk along the wind-ey road to Leukerbad to check out a little town named Albinen. It has some amazing old-style homes and inns, rustic wooden cattle sheds, and a serious love for decorative gnomes.



The Swiss are known to be a neat, orderly people and they definitely show it in their firewood stacks.


We stopped for various forms of caffeine and to take in the backyard view at one of my parents’ favorite little caf├ęs.




Then, when we’d collected a few of our buddies from the train, we headed back to Leukerbad, which is surrounded by the most stunning mountains, and went for a dip in the town’s well-known hot springs.

One of the coolest things about Leukerbad is how the mountains change with the light. I loved taking it all in and remembering familiar sights and smells from our balcony overlooking the town.

Keep and eye out for Switzerland, Part 2 next week. Have a great weekend! xx J

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