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Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

That’s right, here’s a real, live Dingo! If you’re a casual Seinfeld fan like me, you can’t help but smile and think of Elaine’s “maybe the dingo ate your baby” line when you look at his furry little (actually not that little) face. Since I haven’t been good about posting what I’ve been photographing over here, I thought I’d just give you a little peek and fill you in on what’s happening with us in Australia.




Andrew and Ian are on the water right now, racing in day 4 of their Star World Championship and final Olympic qualifier. They’ve had a bit of a tough event, standing in 16th overall (out of 41) as I write, and while there’s still a chance that they’ll finish well enough to qualify for the 2012 US Olympic team, it’s slim since two of Andrew’s US teammates have been sailing extremely well. One more day of racing on Friday will determine whether they make it into Saturday’s medal race, which is limited to the top 10. It’s not over ’til it’s over!

I’ve been keeping myself busy writing regatta updates for the Star Class website, spending each afternoon in the media center (with my very serious “Journalist” accreditation) tracking the racing, writing, then popping over to the boatpark to get a few interviews when the sailors hit the dock, and wrapping it up in the evening. It’s actually been really fun writing about something I’m so interested in. I’ve also been doing some shooting here and I’ve got some great blog posts on deck (likely for after the holidays), including…

– The Western Australia Art Museum in Perth

– My Fremantle Magic Marine marketing shoot and behind-the-scenes tidbits

– A photo essay about “Freo” (and hopefully an article)

– An assortment of images of Australian animals

– A collage of Instragram snapshots from our trip

My friend Nick jokingly suggested before we left for Australia that since water drains in the opposite direction, the stars in the sky are totally different, the temperatures get colder the farther south you go, and many other things are not the same in the southern hemisphere, I’d need to learn to shoot everything while holding my camera upside down. Can’t say that I’ve tried it successfully yet, but who knows, you may all need to flip your computer screens on their heads to view what I’ll be posting later!

In case I don’t get to write before we fly back to California just before Christmas…happy holidays to you and your family! xx J