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Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

If you’ve ever written a paper, tried to start a drawing, or looked for the right images or words with which to start something creative, you know that it can be the hardest part of the process. The beginning. As an artist, I began painting and drawing…oil paintings, mostly, and charcoal drawings. I started early and kept at it all the way through high school and college, learning a ton from several great teachers. At one point during my time as an undergrad at Georgetown, I was taking three upper-level economics classes (I was an International Econ major yikes!) and more each semester to get it all done and the painting and drawing classes and daily sailing practice are honestly what kept me sane.

In the studio, I loved the way that translating what you’re seeing in front of you onto paper, while still capturing the feel of the scene, required my full physical and mental attention. It left me no room for overthinking things and that was priceless. At one point, my college painting professor gave us a vague assignment to paint a grouping of multiple items of something, anything. I thought about it and came to the next class with a selection of my favorite shoes. He probably thought I was nuts. It was a subject with so much variety in texture and detail, but what girl doesn’t like shoes? Each one in the painting was meaningful to me in some way, reminding me of a certain time in my life or a particular person. Here’s how it turned out…


It hangs over my desk now, where I do all of my photo editing, and adds a pop of color to the room. Towards the end of college, I began shooting with my first DSLR and fell in love with photography for the same reasons that I came to enjoy painting and drawing so much. Now that I’m a  professional photographer, I don’t get to spend all of my time shooting in the field. I have to run a business too, which involves all kinds of time in front of the computer, emailing with clients, editing, keeping records, printing, updating portfolios, blogging, marketing, branding, etc, etc. Sometimes a little visual inspiration is all I need to keep me going through all of the on-screen work. It can come from any number of places, but one thing I love in particular is checking out art museums and spaces and seeing all of the fun things others have come up with. Seeing artwork in person reminds me of the physical process and interaction of it that I love, which in this era of digital photo editing and post-production, has changed quite a bit. It reminds me that I want to go back to painting and drawing and doing crafty things with my hands on the side.

Back in December, when Andrew, Ian, and I visited the Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia, it struck me as a lively, wonderful hub for local artists and creatives. Housed in an old colonial gothic building, not only did it have beautiful modern exhibit spaces and an outdoor concert venue, but it also had a lovely cafe, a well-curated, artsy gift shop, and, best of all, practical, well-used studios, for jewelry-making, painting, drawing, and almost any other art you can think of. I really enjoyed lurking in the doorways of the a couple of the workshop spaces for a few minutes, just listening in and watching people at work. The fact that the building has been used as a home for many things, including a lunatic asylum, a shelter for homeless women, a midwifery school, a technical school, a headquarters for American troops during World War II, and a maritime museum, only adds to its charm. Have a look and I’m sure you’ll be inspired too…


You walk into the reception and see bam! the coolest desk ever.



From the modern to the mundane to the quirky, the arts centre curators have a great eye for lovely odds and ends of art.




I snuck up on a room full of ladies doing their thing in the jewelry workshop above the exhibit spaces. Their chatter and obvious camaraderie made we want to pop in and join them even though I know nothing of jewelry making.





Hope you’re feeling a little inspired too. If you ever find yourself in that far-flung part of the world, definitely check out the Fremantle Arts Centre!


Thursday, January 12th, 2012

It’s time for another photo essay from Australia. This one features some of my favorite spots in “Freo.” In a way, Fremantle is hard to describe – you’ll see barefoot hippie types, hipsters, tourists, city folk, colonial era buildings, some modern architecture, and restaurants, coffee shops, and stores of every stripe all in one walk. Here’s a little look into this versatile beach town…



I’ve never seen so much car antenna art before. I came across this one shaped like a heart (below left) and saw another made to look like the continent of Australia – pretty impressive!



At some point, I came across the B&M Store (below), a well-curated design shop that I immediately loved. I was excited to discover that they even carry paper goods and designs by Rifle Paper Co, one of my favorites, which were beautiful to see in person.



The Fremantle Markets, located just at the end of the “cappucino strip” of cafes on the main street, are slightly touristy, but offer up some unique and tasty finds.





Bigger than a softball, one of these ostrich eggs would make a heck of an omelette.


I’ll close with this numbat mural. Found only in Western Australia, this little banded anteater looks almost like it has zebra stripes and quickly became my favorite local creature.


I’m excited to be heading to Key West Race Week today to sail with Powerplay Racing. That likely means no blog posts next week, but there’s more to come from Australia (so I hope you’re not sick of it yet!).


Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Happy 2012! It’s been wonderful to be back home in DC for a couple of days and I’ve finally had a chance to hit the iMac for some serious editing. I’ve got a great set of posts coming about various experiences in Australia and I’m going to start with my marketing shoot with Magic Marine. After lots of emailing back and forth with Carrie, the Amsterdam-based company’s marketing manager, about the shot list, the schedule, and the locations, it was awesome to work together in person with some of their sponsored athletes (or ‘teamriders’ as MM calls them) in Fremantle and Perth for the ISAF Worlds Championships in December.

Our shoot took place a few days before the regatta started, so the athletes were at peak fitness and had been training and testing gear for months. Carrie had lugged the newest line of Magic Marine apparel and gear from Europe in several giant bags, the multimedia/video guy, Bob of Eyeforce Video Production, had flown in from Holland, the sun was out, and the sailors were ready. My job was to cover a variety of different gear and athletes, all of which was shot at the same time video was shooting too. My shot list included action shots of the athletes training and racing in their gear on the water, headshots of selected athletes (serious, strongly side-lit, in black and white), product shots as possible around video, behind-the-scenes snapshots, etc). Without further ado, here’s an informal look into the shoot.

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_01

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_04

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_05

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_10

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_12

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_22

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_27

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_25

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_28

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_32

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_42

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_36

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_40

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_46

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_47

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_57

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_60

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_62

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_64

jacqueline_schmitz_campbell_magic marine_perth_65

I’m really excited to see how Magic Marine‘s new video and marketing materials turn out over the next few weeks and months. Thanks to Carrie and Bob and all of the teamriders for making it a great shoot!


Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

That’s right, here’s a real, live Dingo! If you’re a casual Seinfeld fan like me, you can’t help but smile and think of Elaine’s “maybe the dingo ate your baby” line when you look at his furry little (actually not that little) face. Since I haven’t been good about posting what I’ve been photographing over here, I thought I’d just give you a little peek and fill you in on what’s happening with us in Australia.




Andrew and Ian are on the water right now, racing in day 4 of their Star World Championship and final Olympic qualifier. They’ve had a bit of a tough event, standing in 16th overall (out of 41) as I write, and while there’s still a chance that they’ll finish well enough to qualify for the 2012 US Olympic team, it’s slim since two of Andrew’s US teammates have been sailing extremely well. One more day of racing on Friday will determine whether they make it into Saturday’s medal race, which is limited to the top 10. It’s not over ’til it’s over!

I’ve been keeping myself busy writing regatta updates for the Star Class website, spending each afternoon in the media center (with my very serious “Journalist” accreditation) tracking the racing, writing, then popping over to the boatpark to get a few interviews when the sailors hit the dock, and wrapping it up in the evening. It’s actually been really fun writing about something I’m so interested in. I’ve also been doing some shooting here and I’ve got some great blog posts on deck (likely for after the holidays), including…

– The Western Australia Art Museum in Perth

– My Fremantle Magic Marine marketing shoot and behind-the-scenes tidbits

– A photo essay about “Freo” (and hopefully an article)

– An assortment of images of Australian animals

– A collage of Instragram snapshots from our trip

My friend Nick jokingly suggested before we left for Australia that since water drains in the opposite direction, the stars in the sky are totally different, the temperatures get colder the farther south you go, and many other things are not the same in the southern hemisphere, I’d need to learn to shoot everything while holding my camera upside down. Can’t say that I’ve tried it successfully yet, but who knows, you may all need to flip your computer screens on their heads to view what I’ll be posting later!

In case I don’t get to write before we fly back to California just before Christmas…happy holidays to you and your family! xx J